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Many industrialized countries all over the world have federal and state-based systems that create and manage retirement and pension funds for their citizens.

To safeguard this system, the government often plays a role in making sure people who make it a point to contribute and save so that they do not have to rely on outside assistance are given the help and incentives they need to do this.

CPF In Singapore

Regulation Of Pensions

This is not limited to giving these people more flexibility, in fact, regulatory authorities also put in place rules for the effective administration of the same, and to prevent people from making impulsive decisions that will harm them.

One of the notable ones is placing a limit on how much money can be withdrawn at a single time. Even though once the retirement age is crossed, people are usually allowed to take out the entire amount, before retiring, withdrawals are strictly limited.

Another method is by either preventing people from investing this money on their own, or limiting the options people have for this purpose. In this sense, investment choices are limited to low risk products, including money market and income funds, and certain types of ETFs, which can produce great returns.

Singapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF)

The CPF in Singapore – Globaleye Singapore is another name for the social security system in Singapore, which covers several aspects, including retirement.

Although not among the largest public pension systems in the world, it is certainly one of the best in the region, as it also covers medical care, housing and accommodation, and investment choices.

Workings of the CPF System

As in some of the most advanced countries, employers and employees both contribute to the CPF funds, usually on a monthly basis.

All of these contributions in Singapore are actually split into three accounts, including the Ordinary, Special, and Medisave.

Each of these three accounts has a separate and fixed interest rate that accrues on a yearly basis.

Globaleye Singapore

Managing Your CPF Savings

Getting the most out of your CPF savings is the best and maybe the only way for most Singaporeans to retire in the comfort and ease they deserve.

To do this, one needs to start early, put together a mixed portfolio of low and medium risk investments to avoid losses, and avoid making impulsive decisions.

The added pressure for Singaporeans is also derived from the face that as time passes, more people are living longer, thanks to healthcare advancements, and the high standard of living.

In this scenario, certain key pointers for nationals to watch out for include:

  • Don’t rely on the funds earmarked for retirement alone, but also try to boost them with your own investments and savings, preferably coming from your income
  • Prioritize affordability over luxury when buying a home, so that buy the time you do retire, the home belongs to you, and there are no outstanding payments.