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Behind The Scenes of Our Exhibitions

When we walk into an exhibition, where curved TVs planted everywhere playing the launch of the hottest item in the market. We question ourselves, how does an exhibition come to play? An exhibition company in Dubai The Event Company pushing boundaries to provide clients with unique ideas that work, we here to answer the many inquiries circulating about.

There are certain measures adhered backstage to ensure a successful journey from the drawing board to the building of the actual exhibit. Along with available resources such as space, labor, time and money, assess the information and materials at your disposal. Our team of professionals considers which ideas from the brainstorm list can realistically be put into action. We also ensure to know the capabilities of each team member working on the project. 

The Event Company has conducted exhibitions for various companies from start-up based to multi-national like nickelodeon. They are conducted through proper research and maintenance in order to achieve the intended goal of marketing.

Fly Dubai

Fly Dubai began operations in 2009 with the aim of taking more people to more places more often. Today, more than 85 destinations out of Dubai are operated opening opportunities for travel, tourism and trade across the region as an aviation hub. The process of planning an exhibition to meet the needs of a cultured company, such as Fly Dubai requires concentration on diversity. An exhibit of such a company would involve sample airplane seats to showcase the services being offered on the plane. We also ensure a sense of the flight is experienced on land can be heightened by actual cabin crew demonstrations. The exhibit simply serves as a sample of what to expect the next time someone flies with Fly Dubai.

The Event Company


Nickelodeon now stands in its 37th year of operations and is the number one brand for kids. They are the creators of classics such as SpongeBob Square Pants to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Drake and Josh. The concept of the exhibit will surely be based around these television shows and its audience. The child like perspective of the company is where popularity will rise. The color scheme would need to reflect curiosity and innocence to capture the attention of any child. The exhibit would hence comprise of the signature orange splat, figurines of show characters, and a fun house to let one’s imagination run wild. We are after all children on the inside waiting to burst free.


Blackberry is known to be the leading cybersecurity software and services company dedicated to securing the Enterprise of Things. The company is well known for its qwerty keyboard and BBM messaging which was exclusive to Blackberry users. Technological advances have hence come up with many alternatives such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, but blackberry phones are still used today in the workplace for its impeccable security features. The sketch of the platform for promoting Blackberry on the exhibition would incorporate stations to test run their mobile devices empowering staff, by a cutting-edge formation to welcome a promising future for the company.