Why a4 Paper Supplier in Dubai is a Successful Field of Work

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Paper industryOne of the largest association in the world dealing with the global paper specialization, Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association has reported that the annual per capita consumption of paper in the UAE is around 200kg against the worldwide average expenditure of 60kg which is a good news for thriving a4 paper supplier in Dubai - House Kraft Paper is one of the best distributors in Emirates, belief in making environment greener by utilization of high quality recycled papers.

This is an important and significant statistic for the United Arab Emirates with comparatively low population rate when judge against a country like India with the huge population where the utilization of per capita is mere 9kg. Now that the consumption of A4 paper has par the Spain and Italy by UAE, it is a good business to invest in.

In this virtual reality filled digital age, papers are still a trusted medium for sending and communicating with secret information and stimulating the groundbreaking creative ideas. The feel, look and even the classy smell of paper can help the person to reinforce the hidden ideas and retention of key messages.

Pulp industryIn the year of 2010, the United Arab Emirates almost consumed 1% of total consumption of papers which was around 450 million tons. These statistics give a chance for all those entrepreneurs who are waiting to get established in this flourishing economy with their thoughtful paper supplier business. The demand for A4 sized paper is the highest as per the statistics which is not a surprise as there are thousands of business running successfully in free zones and mainland which need the same sized paper from the first contract and license issued to the selling and buying of various demand drafts. As per expectation of experts running, Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association, China will reach the highest amount of 168 million tons of paper production in the year of 2020 among which at least 20 million will be exported out of which major part will be purchased by the United Arab Emirates.

The emergence of latest technologies has decreased the consumption of paper among countries like North America and European markets. China is striving to adopt the latest technologies which can reduce the cost of production by almost half.

Not just in the UAE, but the industry of paper production is successfully running all over the world. Dubai has a huge potential to give support to this venture. If you are one of the manufacturers or a supplier of such finished products, machinery, equipment, paper chemicals and other services, starting up your business in UAE will surely support your dream.