Consult Plus: Business Development and Strategy Planning

We offer a full package of consulting services for a successful business management.

Consult Plus: Diversified Business Services

Traditionally, all sort of business solutions is developed by a head of a company. However, some untypical business challenges present an issue for management, as a company reorganization, business activity re-orientation, diversification, partnership introduction and so on. In such cases, it is advisable to apply for business consulting services in order to develop an effective strategy and its realization plan.

Consult Plus is one of the leading business consultation companies in Dubai. We offer a full range of professional services to enterprises for a successful business development. There are a few departments in the Consult Plus structure, integrated for the most comprehensive customer service: adjudicatory and administrative law, audit, HR consultation, accounting and tax registration. Also, few of our services are given in collaboration with our sister company Abdulrahman Alnuaimi Auditing of Accounts. They are renowned as the best financial auditors in UAE - aabdxb due to having a vast experience in accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping. 

Consult Plus Advantages:

  • solid experience

  • wide range of consulting services

  • High-quality level of offered services

  • flexible price policy

  • individual customer approach

  • strict confidentiality

  • optimal service timing

  • unblemished reputation

  • accessible office location

Among Consult Plus clients there are individual entrepreneurs and medium enterprise owners in different business industries: production, retail trading, banking, construction, security, high technologies, charity, scientific activities and so on.

Consult Plus offers services in the following consulting fields:

  • law

  • personnel management

  • copyright registration

  • audit

  • accountancy

  • business examination

  • strategy consulting dubai with the help of "Viva Consulting"

Consult Plus Services


Personnel Management

Professional recruitment: development of an efficient personnel management system.


Legal Services

Highly qualified management of legal actions.



Independent examination of accounting, financial and operational activities of a company.



Outsource accounting services is a professional approach to a financial analysis of a company sustainability, financial obligations and funds condition.


Strategy Consulting Dubai

Run business effectively and learn the fundamental principles of a business strategy development.


Business Examination

Comprehensive analysis of a financial situation in a company and its sustainability


HR Consulting

Personnel capacity optimization and establishment of a strong motivational system.


Start-Up Support

Processing of a primary registration and tax documentation – drawing up, ordering, legal verification.



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