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Outsource accounting services is a professional approach to a financial analysis of a company sustainability, financial obligations and funds condition. Consult Plus offers a number of accounting services:

  • proceeding of a primary registration and tax documentation – drawing up, ordering, legal verification

  • formulation of missing documents and replacement of improperly drawn up forms

  • development and support of a finance record system, expenses report, creditors and purchase ledgers

  • record keeping using the preferable accounting applications

  • operational accounting consultation on any record-keeping issue

  • scheduled tax registration and other mandatory payments

  • payroll services

  • drawing up and legal delivery of midterm and annual financial reports

  • professional engagement and interaction with government representatives on accounting issues

Besides, Consult Plus is particularly specialized in other fields of accounting practice, such as:

  • maintenance of accounting records

  • registration in foreign representational offices

  • zero balance accounting

  • salary calculation

  • reissuance of accounting records

  • accountancy records upkeep

  • tax return preparation

  • tax and financial consultation

  • legal services of bargain processing

There are a few advantages of a complex approach to the accounting servicing of a company:

  • opportunity to concentrate on the business growth and development without spending time on accountancy issues

  • reduce of expenses, caused by incorrect or incompetent accounting management

  • exception of penal sanctions, applied for improper tax maintenance; our financial responsibility is specified in a service agreement

  • saving on salaries for permanent accountants, additional work spaces and specialized software




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