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Business audit is an independent examination of accounting, financial and operational activities of a company. There are a few types of business audit, conducted by Consult Plus:

  • general audit is conducted in order to identify imperfections of financial and economic systems of a company

  • GAAP audit is performed according to the international audit standards through transformation of a company data into specific forms for further analysis and consolidation

  • tax audit is developed for determination of tax system deficiencies and prevention of risks, related to tax registration

  • recruitment audit allows to evaluate personnel management in order to avoid employees' and partners' claims

  • investment project audit is a detection of the project beneficial aspects, a pay-off period and possible risks before an actual capital contribution

  • banking audit is a complex inspection of financial and operational activities of banks and their subsidiaries

  • legal audit is executed for a reveal of any law violations by a legal entity and a competent consultation about the violation prevention

  • due diligence is a complex of measures, applied by legal experts and audit specialists for examination of a bargain profitability, reasonability and possible risks

  • initiative audit is ordered by a legal entity itself – an owner or a share holder. As a rule, it is needed before an owner change-over or a business purchase and sale

  • express audit is developed for a brief analysis of a financial situation in a company and its sustainability