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QROPS Pointers For Your Pension

Choosing a pension scheme on the QROPS list means you don’t have to pay income tax, and can also finalize the transfer without having moved to Switzerland.

Individual And Corporate Offshore Banking In Vietnam

The current regulations in Vietnam that govern offshore engagements include entrustment and self-trading for corporations, and share awards schemes run by foreign companies for individuals.

Where to Safely Stay in Bagdad

If you are staying in Baghdad for business services, avoid any large gatherings of individuals beyond Kurdistan region. If you feel alert to any nearby violence, leave the region immediately.

Tips on Buying an Already Used Generator

To begin, everything starts with deciding on the best generator for your unique power requirements.  To find out more on that, see our other article on deciding how big is generator.  Once you've determined the scale you'll need, then it's time to start out looking at lots of other factors.

What You Should Know About Taxation In Dubai

The system of zero corporate and personal tax in Dubai makes it unique in terms of costs that businesses face, and income deductions for individuals. Expats should especially look into tax liability for funds they could face in their home state.

Egyptian Construction Segment To Stay Attractive

Experts say that the oil price decline has affected Egypt a lot less than the other GCC countries, especially Saudi Arabia. In Egypt, the main issue has been currency devaluation.

All About Bookkeeping And What To Watch Out For?

The fact that bookkeeping is done on a daily basis and does not necessarily require an accounting qualification does not take anything away from its importance. Good bookkeeping means more accurate financial reports prepared by accountants.