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Landscape Design


Water is a very strong artistic accent that defines the center of the whole design composition even in a small garden.

In landscape design it became quite actively used as a design element a long time ago. The most popular architectural forms are: fountains, ponds, streams and waterfalls. Artificial pond has many features: it improves the microclimate, provides necessary conditions for the existence of surrounding plants and gives the garden and surrounding areas holistic shape.

Basic Elements of Landscape Design

Let's discuss the basic elements of design water used in landscape design.

  • Decorative pond. This is perhaps one of the most effective ways to change the appearance of your garden. At night or in the dark it looks especially beautiful. With a wide choice of different variations of nozzles you can change the directions of the water jets what makes it possible to create extremely beautiful ponds.
  • Stream. A small water stream with a meandering channel can be located absolutely anywhere around your home. It can be placed on any surface: on slopes or on flat areas. A horizontally positioned stream can flows through various aquatic plants. The stream, located on a small slope, can have cascades and ledges that give it a better look. In most cases, the basis of such streams is a rocky foundation. The source of the stream can penetrate between the stones, but it may also run among the sculptural elements. For irrigation system dubai you can order landscaping contractors in UAE!
  • Waterfall. It as a water stream falling from a height. With the help of the various options of drain modern designers have the ability to control the size and shape of the impinging jets.
  • Mirror surface. This element of landscape design backyard space is created is very simple: just add side rails to a smooth and wide spillway.

Garden Landscape Design

Modern industrial technologies, as well as a huge number of inexpensive and available materials in conjunction with active development of landscape design made real the possibility of creating of any natural water bodies such as streams, fountains, ponds, waterfalls, cascades and even water slides and other similar water elements of decor.