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Preparation for life education consultancy agencyPreparation for life education consultancy agency was founded in 1997 and since then it is recruiting the students from across the globe into universities as it is an international consultancy agency. The first office of PFL was opened in Ghana. The setup of the virtual counseling team of PFL is in Nigeria. PFL provides by a wide range of commitments and services to students who are looking forward for pursuing their higher education in countries like Europe, UK, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Australia, and UAE.

PFL is a determined, viable and advances thinking educational consultancy for the last 17 years. It is owned and managed by the UK. It is present in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe and globally represents 160 universities and colleges. PFL has a well-qualified and trained team of councilors.PFL has clients which are vigilantly selected to endow with a wide range of courses that suit the student’s requirements.

Pre-departure seminars, exhibitions, on spot admissions and assessment, workshops and informative seminars are conducted by PFL to reach out to the students.

Services offered by PFL

  • Virtual counseling team of PFLThey take all the measures to meet all the requirements of the university.
  • You can study in destinations like Europe UK etc.
  • The services provided by PFL are self-regulating.
  • They are intended to match your requirements.
  • Unsurpassed expert guidance is provided on courses.
  • Regular interview sessions and seminars are provided at PFL offices.
  • They conduct Educational fairs and exhibitions so that you can meet the universities representatives face to face.

PFL aims at obtaining the best possible course for you. It keeps your educational interest as its first priority. You can take advice and guidance from them anytime; they are there with you at every stage.

PFL service fee includes all the charges incurred in giving the study placement services for different countries. the service fees of PFL vary from country to country, for example, the PFL service fee is different in Nigeria than the PFL fees in Pakistan. The service fee also depends on which country you choose to go for your higher studies, for example like if you want to go from Nigeria to Australia service fee will be different than if you want to go from Nigeria to the UK.

They provide the best services worldwide in giving higher education opportunities to students across the globe. They make sure that every detail of the most suitable courses is provided to the students from the universities and study institutions.