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HR consultingHR consulting has a few targets: development of an efficient personnel management system, creation of a corporate structure, personnel capacity optimization and establishment of a strong motivational system. Solutions and means of efficiency achievement vary depending on a company size, stability and financial opportunities. One of the most popular HR tools are: HR analysis, HR consulting, personnel leasing, outsourcing and out-staffing. Personnel management also implies modeling of a corporate culture, professional communication standards and improvement of psychological atmosphere in an organization.


Personnel Leasing

Personnel leasing is an outsourcing category, which is developed for staff leasing from another company. The procedure is conducted though an HR agency in order to find a competent, professional team. Such partnership is suitable for experimental projects or single business operations.



Outsourcing is a transfer of recruitment functions from a company to an HR agency. In contrast to personnel leasing, outsourcing implies a long-term partnership with an agency, which provides additional services, as personnel rating, training and interviewing.



Outstaffing is an opposite to the outsourcing term. It is applied in order to reduce an official personnel capacity. At the same time, employees perform the required functions, but belong to an HR agency database. Such method is used for saving on tax liabilities, reduce of personnel management expenses, financial risks decrease and administrative control reduction.