The Importance of Quality Control and Data Monitoring

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Quality control standards

Data quality holds an important place in the market research industry. Data quality must be a priority - everything depends on it. When putting your time into monitoring the level of your data, it can help ensure the quality of your outcomes, conclusions, and referrals. Imrmena has put together 3 quick tips we adhere to quality control standards at Integrity Market Research. We make sure our data quality remains the best through the following ways.

Daily Data Review

This is considered as the daily morning ritual every time a job is in the field. Little or nothing is better than not updating the fresh data. Inbound data isn't something unimportant that you can easily avoid for a couple of days. This is also true for phone studies, market research, or any review that's not being self-administered. Data must be examined as frequently as is feasible to make sure you are getting the right, valuable and insightful information you are interested in out of your respondents. Daily task management and dealing with your call center supervisors is crucial.

Overview of Data By Research Experts

The open-ended questions and their replies can serve as a valuable factor in your market research. However to guarantee the best value data, it is essential that an analyst reviews the information. The reason behind looking at data expands significantly beyond a simple look for typos and/or sentence structure. When an expert analyst takes out time to review the data, they can find out whether the data offers enough information for taking a decision. This includes verification that the email address details are being solved properly and sufficiently where suitable. The analyst is more acquainted with the project and you will be in a position to put themselves in the client's shoes - ensuring the data provides insightful and useful results. Also if something handles to slide through pre-testing, this technique would be the way to recognize issues in the review questions and/or routing.

Integrity Market Research

Real-time Continual Auditing of Telephone Calls

This helps ensure that the information can be received effectively but also can help make sure the proper interpretation has been done of the review script. The process of performing these audits, it is possible to make changes before a potential problem comes up.

Aside from immediately impacting the tasks in the queue, critiquing data can help you become an improved market researcher because you study from the bottom up. The process of hearing and learning how people react to questions, again and again, can offer you insight how the small tweaks/modifications to questions and their wordings will impact replies. The reviewing of data will let you learn to reduce respondent tiredness and frustration. Overall, data reviewing can be a crucial process from several aspects because you're essentially building the blocks for your quality control standards.