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I have seen the photographs of UAE when it was not so flourished that is about twenty years ago, I could not recognize it; all sandy geography and a vastness that was unfit for habitation. But due to the comprehensive makeover this place has undergone, the present balance of old and that is ancientness and creativeness is astonishing. The ancient ethics of the Middle East is very efficiently converted into a fabric of the western business. This is a complete mixture of historical culture and 21st century fashion. The South-East Arabian area has always been a center for trade between the West and the East and UAE has continued that heritage in a manner that is matchless.

The UAE is a genuine sanctuary of commerce and business, and is famous for its extra efficient infrastructure, admin and straight forward licensing. All the states of the Emirates are openly happy to attract foreign investors for starting a business in Dubai and remain the most desirable and appealing destinations in order to twist your business muscles.

UAE has taken full advantage of is geographical location as it is encircled by very energetic markets that are equals in passion of development to UAE. An independent and agreeable policy is actively encouraged by the government which has successfully supported good international repute, attracting both national and international investors in almost all the areas of economy.

The environment of Dubai is also very favorable for residence. Unlike other Arab states, Dubai and the UAE in particular are very liberal in nature. The environment of Dubai is very social. All types of communities are allowed to worship their religions freely and churches, mosques and mandirs are adequately present here. All the foreign DVDS, newspapers, Films, TV and magazines are easily available in the markets. There are no restrictions on the use of alcohol in homes, offices and in clubs just like the western world. Women are also independent to drive and wander freely.

The legal framework of Dubai is also very inspiring. To encourage and attract further investment from the foreigners, investment rules, regulations and steps are continuously taken to improve the economy. The steps include the initiation of giving ownership of land  and stocks to the foreigners- Dubai has been the first state of the Emirates to allow the foreign investors to have access to its property market and after Dubai, this trend is followed by Abu Dhabi.

In UAE, it is very easy and affordable to recruit workers from any part of the world due to the liberal policies they have developed here. But the UAE government is trying to train the Emirati nationals to become the main workforce of UAE and play a bigger role in the UAE economy as out of the 1.3 million people who are freshly employed in Dubai, only 53,000 are Dubai nationals.

The remarkable intelligence and thinking of the leaders of Dubai have made this region as one of the most successful and flourishing business sector of the world. But still if you are having difficulties in starting a business in Dubai, contact AMADLAW, the consultants for worldwide company formation, as they will help you in setting up you company, will give you advice and consultation and all the necessary services to be successful.