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Malta Citizenship Investment



In November 2013, Malta launched the program of citizenship by investment. This is the most affordable program among all other countries of the EU region.

In addition to its EU membership, Malta is also a country of the British Commonwealth of Nations, therefore, Maltese citizens are also Commonwealth citizens, and this entails certain privileges and benefits in the UK.

The Main Benefits of Maltese Citizenship for Investors

  • Personal safety and safety of capital;
  • Legal and safe storage of capital in the EU currency;
  • Guaranteed citizenship;
  • European citizenship in 14 months;
  • Partly refundable investment procedure;
  • Attractive tax system;
  • Dual citizenship;
  • You don't have to permanently reside in Malta, or know the language;
  • You can visa-free travel to more than 160 countries, including the US, UK and Japan;
  • You have the opportunity to live and conduct business, and educate your children in any EU country, even in Switzerland.

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3 Mandatory Rules of Investing

1.Making an established contribution to the National Development Fund.

2.Rent property in Malta on a specific amount (stated in the program).

3.Investment in government securities — stocks or bonds.

The Procedure for Citizenship Obtaining

The process of investing and obtaining citizenship is divided into two stages.

Stage 1 — Obtaining registration for a period of one year. 

Stage 2 — obtaining citizenship and passports of the Republic of Malta.

The pendency of an application (first and second stage) lasts for 12-14 months. In the process of consideration of the application, the applicant is requested to visit Malta for biometric passports.

Obtaining registrationMalta Investment

To obtain registration you need to rent a property in Malta worth at least 16 000 Euro per year or to buy a home in the amount of not less than 350 000 euros, and also pass criminal and security check.

The first stage cost is at least € 50,000. It includes the cost of the registration, leasing and property management, administrative fees. Before beginning the process, applicants must have international medical insurance with coverage of not less than 50 thousand euros (for each applicant). 

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