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Summer is a vacation season, a time when people leave their homes and go for fresh impressions in distant cities and exotic countries. But you should remember that when you live in a hotel, you should follow some particular rules of behavior. What are they?

Firstly, these include traditional norms of social behavior: friendliness, courtesy, tact and respect for others.

Secondly, along with the previous list of rules there are additional rules of behavior for tourists:

Rules of Conduct When Entering the Hotel

  • Before you book a room, you should carefully examine the list of services, provided by the hotel.
  • In the holiday season it is better to book a hotel room in advance, notifying the Manager about the exact date and time of arrival.
  • If your plans change radically and you can't go on planned vacations, you should call the Manager of the hotel in advance in order to cancel the rooms.
  • If for some reason the date of your arrival to the hotel changes, you must inform the hotel about it as soon as possible.
  • If you have booked a room from certain date for a long time, and then you came later than planned, the hotel administration is not responsible for your delay and has the full right to receive payment for all agreed days. You can book best hotel apartments in Dubai at our Hotel Apartments!
  • When you check into a hotel you get a key and a hotel card. If you need to leave the hotel, the key should be returned to the clerk. Upon returning you can get your key back by showing the hotel card.
  • It is best to entrust saving documents, assets and valuables to the Managers of the hotel. For a certain amount of money the Manager will place your valuables in the safe. In any other case the hotel is not responsible for your belongings.

Rules of Departure

  • In the day, when you leave the hotel, it is necessary to vacate the room till 12.00.
  • Before the departure, you must leave a tip for the maid (1 to 2 dollar for each day of your stay).
  • When leaving the hotel you should also leave a tip of 10 to 20 dollars for a porter.
  • Don't forget your things when leaving the hotel.Hotel Rules